Privacy Policy

Be cause we are required to, and somehow this isn’t obvious in the 21st century; we provide this privacy policy notice explaining the way your personal information is collected and used.

Collection of Routine Information

We collect the information necessary to send you this webpage. We’ve spent time limiting this to the absolute minimum, and delete the data as long as its not needed. If you create an account, we keep account data as long as it exists. If you use said account to login to other services that do not belong to unnamed.games; they may keep the information you’ve requested us to send to them for longer. Check their Privacy Policy accordingly.

We also keep information of computers, bots, and people, who we’ve identified as malicious actors. We have little concern for their privacy concerns, and will forward this information to all public security authorities we can think of indiscriminately.


We use something called cookies to know who you are when you move between pages in our website. Without cookies, every time you login you’d be logged out. Fascinating stuff.

We don’t use cookies to track you, or for ads, or all that “don’t be evil” stuff a certain company does. If you’d still prefer we don’t use cookies, we’d prefer you don’t use our website. (No hard feelings.)

We have links to other websites. Sometimes they even allow you to login using your account! We don’t know what they do with your data, as we are not them. We do try to only include third-partys with reasonable privacy policies, but this isn’t always possible.

But you used Google today, so don’t be a hypocrate.


We’re very concerned about security, and we use whatever technology very smart people with a penguin mascot on their workdesk tell us is better. We can’t guarantee absolute security, much in the same way that if you install an armored front door you still have no defenses agains a ballistic missile.

Changes To This Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is effective as of the 19th of October 2023 and will remain in effect until we change it. Yeah… legal said we had to say that.

Contact Information

For any questions or concerns regarding the privacy policy, send an information to dpo@unnamed.games.